Custom Aquarium Shapes & Sizes

Looking for an aquarium with a unique shape?

Indoor Oceans can make your custom aquarium dreams a reality.


Indoor Oceans works with domestic manufacturers of acrylic tanks that can be fabricated into many different shapes and sizes. Not only can you get a creative tank to fit your space perfectly, but you can feel good about the fact that your custom high quality acrylic tank will be made right here in the USA. Custom aquarium shapes include (but are not limited to):

  • L-shaped aquarium

    Custom aquarium shape options by Indoor Oceans

    Custom aquarium shape options by Indoor Oceans

  • Cylinder aquarium
  • Rectangular aquarium
  • Square aquarium
  • Bowfront aquarium
  • 1/2 cylinder aquarium
  • Angle-L-shape aquarium
  • Flat back hex aquarium
  • Triangle end aquarium
  • Multi side aquarium
  • Pentagon aquarium
  • Double bullnose aquarium
  • Double inverted bowfront aquarium
  • Flat back aquarium
  • Corner bowfront aquarium
  • Radium triangle aquarium
  • Triangle aquarium
  • Arch aquarium
  • Double bubble aquarium
  • Bubble aquarium
  • Bullnose aquarium


So use your imagination, or ask the experts at Indoor Oceans to come up with a creative idea for your ideal tank. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.