Aquarium Conversion & Makeover

Do you want to convert a fresh water tank to salt water or a reef tank? Or vice versa?

Does your existing aquarium need to a makeover to reflect your current style?


The friendly and professional staff at Indoor Oceans can help! We have been creating aqua centerpieces of beauty for more than 20 years. We have the expert knowledge and experience to convert or update your aquarium system to make it something both you and your fish can delight.

Aquarium Conversion

Converting a fresh water aquarium to a salt water aquarium involves much more than just removing the fish and adding a sea salt mix to the existing water. Saltwater aquarium systems require different substrate, PH levels, water quality levels, filter media as well as close monitoring of water parameters and more vigorous water movement.


From neglected freshwater (Before)

Restaurant Aquarium before Indoor Oceans

To thriving saltwater (After)

Indoor Oceans Saltwater Tank Tranformation



Aquarium Transformation / Makeover / Update

Is your current aquarium neglected, uninteresting, outdated? Indoor Oceans can help!


 From non natural looking decor and minimal inhabitants (Before)

Customer Tank before Indoor Oceans

To natural live rock, corals and a communities of schooling fish (After)

Indoor Oceans Saltwater aquarium transformation


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