Indoor Oceans On ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Indoor Oceans Selected For and Featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Clarksville, TN Two-Hour Season Premiere


It was June 14, 2005 when an “Extreme Makeover” producer called us to see if we could supply a wall-size aquarium in two weeks for the Rodriguez home. They wanted the tank because the two young Rodriguez daughters are fans of the film “Finding Nemo.” Someone with “Extreme Makeover” had seen one of our Indoor Oceans aquarium custom design and installation ads in a magazine for builders.


Indoor Oceans was up for the challenge. The 600 gallon built-in saltwater aquarium planned, designed and installed in only 14 days (a project that normally takes three months from inception to installation), was a focus of the Clarksville home “Extreme Makeover” renovation. The custom salt water aquarium system included 147 colorful marine fish and artificial coral inserts. The entire team at Indoor Oceans was honored to give back to the family of injured Iraqi war veteran Master Sgt. Luis Rodriguez.


The end result was a spectacular underwater reef experience that was the family’s favorite feature in the home makeover. In fact, one of the “Extreme Makeover” producers described it as one “the most extreme project we have ever done.” The entire Rodriguez family, especially the girls, loved their custom saltwater aquarium and we were thrilled to serve them in this way.



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